Workshop - Pot painting - Marseille


Description :

If you want to personalize a flower pot for your new plant in your image or would like a unique and personal gift for your loved ones, La Boutique d'Alex offers terracotta pot painting workshops! This creative workshop is a moment of sharing that does a lot of good for adults and children. (Materials and pots are provided).

Place ?

Weréso Marseille Coworking in the ST-Charles train station, station entrance on the Place Victor Hugo side.

What are the stages of a workshop?

  • Choose the type of pot you want.
  • Choose the pattern you want according to several moodboards that I present to you.
  • Draw on pot with pencil.
  • Paint with acrylic paint or posca.

Why come to a workshop?

  • Ennoble a unique object that you love in your image.
  • Have the satisfaction of having a new decorative object for your home.
  • Have a very personal gift for family or friends.
  • You can give a workshop to someone as a gift.

Buy today and bring a touch of art and color into your life.

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